Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentines FHE: Errand for the Lord

I recently started getting the Friend magazine.  I was getting old issues from a woman in our ward who had no need for them anymore, but I decided to get a subscription of my own to be more up-to-date.  And to HOPEFULLY get as much use out of them as I could.  So, I decided to start using them for FHE.

Okay, here is a quick, boring back story.  I did not grow up with Family Home Evenings and to be honest, I can get pretty overwhelmed with it all.  Our FHE's are usually very basic and quick (since our kids are so young), but we do try.  My biggest problem, was the topic....weird, right?  Unless there is a certain lesson that we are presently trying to teach our kids, the possibilities are endless!  We can learn about scripture stories: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon.  There are more common topics: temples, tithing, service.  Where should I begin?  Then I realized, the Friend covers all of these topics EVERY month.  They even have stories about the theme in Primary (which is great to reiterate at home).  Now, there are definitely times that our family needs to talk about something else and there are times when I feel that I need to pray about a topic, but generally....the Friend provides just what we need.  Just as people read the Ensign and say, "That's just what I needed to hear"...I feel the same way about the Friend and our family.

Back to the main post, I am starting with the January issue, because we got it late in the month.  I looked through it and decided to use the article from the First Presidency.  

"Going on an Errand for the Lord" basically talks about serving one another.  So we read the article on Monday and made a bunch of extra Valentines.  Sadie wrote her name on the back, and Kelsey wrote  haha.  It was so cute!
On Tuesday (Valentines Day), we took them all to a local nursing home and the girls passed them out.  I did call ahead and make sure it was okay.  Sadie also handed out Mini M&Ms to the men and women who are able to have them.  She was sure to ask, "Can you have these?"  :)

They got plenty of hugs and tons of Thank You's.  I didn't take many pics, because most of the people we visited were in their pj's and in their personal rooms.  We did decide that we are going to do this more often.  The girls LOVED it and it was an amazing opportunity for them to go on an Errand for the Lord.