Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The hubby has been working late recently, but today was one of the days that he was able to come home at a "normal" time.  So we decided to do something fun together.  The other day, I bought several boxes of Ding-Dongs and decided to play a little ding-dong ditch with our kids.  You can find the printable label HERE.

We did get caught once.  Can you believe he walked right out the front door when we were pulling up?  Whatever happened to using the garage door?  sheesh!

 It was a lot of fun!  Of course, we let the girls come out and help.  They said we were "tricking" our friends.  And...I guess we kind of are.

We are hoping to do this to a few families every week for a couple weeks.  Hopefully we can!

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