Friday, December 30, 2011

Go Bumblebees!!

Soccer was officially underway at our house for the first time this past fall season. Our little U5 team is.....The Bumblebees!  Hubby is the coach, so we are even a little extra involved and we love it.

Can you see hubby looking on in this pic? 
 I had her put her little pointer up, but one of the best parts about the games is that no one takes score.  Families take turns providing snacks and sometimes, our team offers to share with the other team.  They are so sweet!  We probably scored just as many goals for other teams as we did our own.  :)
 The beginning of the season was pretty rough.  My poor sweet boy had a cold towel on his head for most of the game.  
She even does a little prance when throwing the ball to the ref.
 I know, I can be a major distraction when she is clicking away.  I usually only take pics for a couple minutes and then I spend the rest of the time yelling. Our team almost always makes the most noise.
I must say that we had the best kids and parents on our team.  Everyone got into the games and pitched in whenever they could.  It was wonderful!  We are already looking forward to the Spring 2012 Season.  Go Bumblebees!!

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